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Frequently Asked Questions

A total body composition scan using DEXA will take approximately 3-4 minutes. Following the scan the analysis and brief run-through of the results will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

It is not necessary to wear any special clothing for the total body composition scan but to be consistent for progress scanning, we may ask you to change into a gown.

As well as measuring your overall muscle, fat and bone mass, the scan will also measure your overall fat percentage. At the end of the scan, you will be given an information sheet indicating whether your fat percentage is at a low, recommended, high, or very high range based on your age.

Due to the sensitivity of the equipment, the machine has a weight limit of 135kg. This is due to two factors: the bed that you lie on moves during scanning and the moving parts can be put under pressure above certain weight levels causing uneven scanning; and secondly, the low-dose beam that passes through the body can have difficulty penetrating through increased amounts of fat.

The short answer is no. However the scan will help determine what you want your goal weight to be, and is an invaluable tool to be used by your personal trainer and/or dietitian to design a program for you.
If you would like more information about calorie intake, you can also contact Dr Jarrod Meerkin. Jarrod is an experienced Exercise Physiologist with a Ph.D. from Queensland University of Technology, a Masters degree (with honours) and a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Wollongong. He also specialises in Body Composition scanning in NSW. Contact: or

The scan will give you an overall indication of whether your bone density is at a normal or decreased level. However, the best way to assess this is through the specialised bone density scan. The specialised bone density scan does require a referral from a doctor. Fee subject to Medicare eligibility.

A referral from a general practitioner is not required for a total body composition scan unless you are under 18 years of age.

The quick answer is an insignificant amount. We get exposed to radiation every day, from the atmosphere, from the ground - even talcum powder gives off a tiny amount of radiation. This is called 'natural background radiation'.

The radiation from a total body composition scan is equivalent to less than half a day of natural background radiation.

For more information, download this paper on
 "Radiation Risks of DEXA Total Body Scans" > - PDF 136Kb (Right-click to download)

Your body composition can change quite rapidly and given that weight loss programs and various aerobic or hypertrophy (muscle building) training programs are usually of 8 - 12 weeks duration we would not warrant measuring a change in your composition for at least a minimum of 12 weeks. There is really no need to have more than 3 - 4 total body composition scans over the course of a year.

For best results we also suggest that you try to maintain a similar regimen in the 24 hours preceding each scan - i.e. eat at the same times, exercise at the same times, maintain similar hydration etc.

No. We will not permit you to undertake a DEXA scan if you are pregnant. Whilst the risk to your baby is negligible, good radiation practice dicates that we do not scan pregnant women no matter how low the radiation dose is. In addition, the changes to your body due to the pregnancy will make any results meaningless.

If your child is under the age of 18 we will not undertake a DEXA scan without a medical referral from your general practitioner.
Proof of age will be requested by the front desk staff so please do not be offended.

Once the brief run-through of your report is finished, you are able to take away your report/results immediately. If you have requested your report to be emailed, you should receive this by the end of the business day.

All costs are presented on the Fee Schedule page of this website. Fees are payable by cash or EFTPOS (preferable) on the day of your examination. Please note we do not accept American Express or Diners.

A rebate is not available for this service.

Call our friendly staff on (07) 3395 7277 if you need any more information.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, don't worry!
You lie on a bed in a large room, and the scan arm moves above you from your head to your toes, approximately 30-50cms away from you.
The scan arm is quite narrow, and doesn't enclose you at all.
Check out the picture below:

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