Measuring Your Progress - Accurately



 Regular Scan Fees

     Initial Scan $  88.00
     Follow-up scan  $  66.00
    Initial Scan - Concession card holders  $  66.00
     Follow-up scan - Concession card holders  $  66.00

Multi-scan Pre-paid Packages

We offer a pre-paid 4-scan package if you wish to have 4 scans over the course of one year.

Normal price: $286    Pre-purchase price: $200 - save $86!
NOTE: This package may not be shared or transferred.

Personal Trainers:

If you wish to have a scan yourself to see if it will be beneficial for your clients, we will offer a discounted scan. You must provide your business card and photo I.D.

We can also offer special first-scan discounts for your clients


Do you have an upcoming 10 or 12-week challenge?

We can offer Special discounts for participants if there are 10 or more - just $100 for 2 scans (normally $154)

Having a scan before and after the challenge will accurately assess the progress, and make the experience more rewarding for your clients.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.
Note that these arrangements must be organised by gym staff, and very specific requirements apply for your clients to qualify.

***Specials cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer***

NOTE: All fees subject to change without notice


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